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We now have in stock: Ideal 236, Black Sex Links, Red Sex Links, Buff Orpingtons, Aracaunas,  and White Rocks. These re all pullets (hens).

Barnevelders, Cornish Rocks (meat chicken) , French Guineas, and Bronze Turkeys – These are straight run (males and females).


Potato Sets are In! -Yukon Gold, White Kennebec, Red Pontiac

They are going fast! Get yours now before they are gone!

Onion Sets are In!

Chicks are here!

We are now a dealer for DURA-BUILT Portable buildings. Built with QUALITY Material, QUALITY Construction, QUALITY Workmanship!

Offering 36 or 48 months Rent to Own with No Credit Check. First Payment down gets your building delivered!


Try our Ultra-Premium Horse Feed!

$22.49 per 50 Lb. bag

Rhode Island Red  We usually have some young adult poultry in stock!

Various breed chickens – just $12.00 each!

Large square bales of Alfalfa mix hay!

We bought a whole tractor-trailer load from Ohio.  

3′ X 3′ X 8′ bales weighing approx. 800 lbs. Only $199.99 each!




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